Welcome to the 2020/2021 Hockey Season!

Update - October 2

Practices begin the week of October 13th.  Please read the following documents before bringing your child to the rink:

  1. Roblin Recreation Return to Play Document
  2. Hockey Manitoba Return to Play Document

FAQ’s Regarding the 2020/21 Hockey Season

August 25, 2020


With the hockey season just around the corner, as a parent, you may have some concerns, or questions regarding the upcoming season.  For this reason, we have complied a few FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have.  If you have any other questions or concerns that are not covered below, please visit our Contact Us Page to contact any board member.

On August 24, 2020, Sport Manitoba confirmed with the Province that the maximum occupancy of 10 people indoors and outdoors does not apply to sport activities. 

If a team has a meeting or lunch or any type of gathering before or after a sport activity (other than the sport itself), then the maximum group size of 10 is required. 

Despite some of the uncertainties at this time, we are encouraging all parents to register your player before September 15th, as we are moving forward with the intent of a regular season.  Please visit our Registration Page for information on how to register.


Will my child be able to play hockey this season?

Yes.  As of right now, we are planning towards a regular season.  Phase 2 of Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play will begin on September 1, with the hopes of Phase 3 to begin in October when regular league play can begin.

The Phases are as follows:

  • Phase 2 (approved August 12, 2020 and will begin with sanctioned activity starting on September 1, 2020) – on-ice skill development (non-contact), drills, team tactics, online or in-person clinic, tryouts
  • Phase 3 (subject to approval from the Province of Manitoba) – regular season competition (contact), game play (contact), practices (contact), travel

For more details on Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play, please click here http://www.hockeymanitoba.ca/return-to-play/


Will practices be different than previous years?

When practices can resume on September 1, they are to be non-contact, meaning players standing in groups or waiting in line for drills are to be reduced.  Practices will need to follow a “continuous flow” structure, where players are continuously moving.  Small area drills where players may come into contact with each other are to be minimized.


Will games be allowed this year?

Hockey Manitoba is hoping that Phase 3 will begin in October.  When Phase 3 is approved by the province, regular games in our leagues can begin.

At this time, Parkland Minor Hockey league has not made any plans for the season, but will be meeting soon to discuss.


Will tournaments be allowed this year?

At this time, we don’t know whether or not tournaments will be allowed, as it will depend on the government restrictions on how many people can be inside a building.


Are fees going to be lower if we are unable to play games and attend tournaments?

No, our fees will remain the same as last year’s season.  The fees that you pay for your player cover ice fees for practices and games and other regular expenses to operate a season.  If, for some reason, the situation drastically changes in our province, and we are not allowed to have league play, our board is planning on implementing other activities, such as scrimmages, provided that they are within the regulations of Hockey Manitoba’s Return to Play.  And keep in mind that we have some of the lowest fees in the province.


Is the Roblin Recreation Commission implementing changes to the facility?

The Roblin Recreation Commission is working on a Return to Play document and is seeking input from all of the user groups.  At this time the document is not finalized, but information will be released before the beginning of the season.

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